1418 Sisa Street, Sampaloc East, Manila

General Engineering Contractor. Category A

117 Construction & Trading Contact Number:

+632 305-1211

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4 Responses to 117 CONSTRUCTION & TRADING

  1. argelyn abdula says:

    Hi Sir/Ma’am,

    Good Day!

    It is our pleasure to introduce our company, TRILLOR CORP. (Former Adtech Inc.), a strong, service based organization, for having over 20 years of experience in signage production positions us to satisfy all our client’s signage requirements. We trust our credentials for orchestrating small and major projects locally as well as regionally.

    TRILLOR CORP has evolved from its beginnings as a sign manufacturer developing broad based expertise in all aspects of promotional signage, flags and banners, digitally imaged graphics. Our practical field experience, site analysis skills, design talent, fabrication expertise, and on-site installation experience enable us to accomplish our clients’ objectives on a timely and economical basis.

    We have been using LED lighting to illuminate our signages, which gave us the opportunity to expand and divert into another line of products and form a new corporation which is, THOR LIGHTING SOLUTIONS INC.

    One of our greatest assets is the ability to design, fabricate, install, coordinate and orchestrate small and large-scale projects with multiple types of custom and standard signage, banners, and other visual communication media.

    Our company is manned by experienced engineer, technicians, skilled tinsmith, welders, and painters, installers of plastic, LED technical and architectural signage. We guarantee the job and services to your full satisfaction.

    We would like to ask your good office to set an appointment to introduce our company formally at your most convenient date and time. This will be a good chance to know the department heads and answer all your inquiries and to know what our company has to offer.

    We do appreciate your time and effort and we are looking forward to have a good business relationship with you and your company in the very near future.

  2. Dear Sir/Ma’am:

    Good Day!

    We would like to introduce our company, CITYTECH ROLL-UP SHUTTER, the newly established manufacturer of the following products:
    Roll-up Doors and Grilles
    Polycarbonate Roll-up Doors
    Metal Doors and Gates
    Fixed Louvers
    Accordion Doors

    Herewith is our company profile / sample products for your perusal and consideration. We believe that your esteemed company would like to carry some of our products / services. We are looking forward to have an opportunity to work with you soon.

    Thank you and God Bless to you and your company.

    Best Regards,
    Alejandro Bitamor
    Sales Department

  3. melody gonzaga says:

    supplier of engineering papers and we have free pick up and delivery blueprinting,white and cadd plotting…call me at 4364536 or 4363143 god bless

  4. Alona Tacis says:

    I am currently looking for contractor for our store fit out to be located in Abreeza Mall, Davao. Our company located in Makati and we are into Services. Can I possibly request for your company profile and your previous projects if interested please email me: ast1202@yahoo.com. Our lease area measure est. 28 sqm.