150-C J. Miranda Street, Barangay 13, Cavite City

480 Builders Contact Numbers:

+6346 431-4959, +6346 431-2523

Email: kawit_480builders@yahoo.com

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2 Responses to 480 BUILDERS

  1. Hi Ma,am/Sir,

    Good Day,

    I’m Wennamie Miramende, Marketing staff of HQC Building Equipment Corporation.
    We can be your supplier of sealants ma’am, specifically our brand is BAIYUN, Baiyun Sealant is the number 1 sealant in China.I can go to your office ma’am to discuss about this. This is my contact number 09150261878/09093345775, you can call me anytime.

    Thanks and Regards,

  2. Topan Marketing Corporation says:


    Good day! I am Geoffrey Figueroa, Acquisitions Manager of Topan Marketing Corporation.

    I came across your firm online and I am just wondering if we can be one of your suppliers of construction material, especially on wood product and kindly guide us what are the requirements do we have to submit?.

    Enclosed are the wood product that we offer.( Local and Import )


    · Ordinary
    · Marine
    G.I Sheet
    Gardner Product’s

    If you’re interested, I’d love to further discuss the details with you in a meeting.

    Thank you,

    Geoffrey Figueroa
    Acquisitions Manager
    Topan Marketing Corporation
    +639156461063 / +639338610862