34 Ignacio Street, corner Macanas, Panghulo, Malabon City

General Engineering Contractor. Category D

5-1 Construction Contact Numbers:

+632 277-6453, +632 294-6014

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  1. XD Ever Transformer Service Corp. says:

    Good day!

    We, at Grand Haveluck Electrical Co., Inc., would like to showcase our line of electro-mechanical products. We are the exclusive distributor of Larsen and Toubro power distribution and control products. We are also a proud distributor of Univer Intermediate Metallic Conduits which has been in the industry for more than 10 years now. Being a distributor of these globally competitive brands, we assure you that we value not only your satisfaction, but also your money.

    For more details of our other products and services, please see the contact details.
    We hope you contact us soon!

    Christian Jay Abayon Ultra
    Sales Engineer
    XD Ever Transformer Service Co., Inc.
    T: (02) 527-7672
    E: cjultra1994@gmail.com
    C: 0967-591-4238

  2. Ann says:

    I would like to offer cutting wheel materials , welding gloves, and weldingbrod to.your company. I hope you read my proposal..my email mauc14@yahoo.com