4636 Arellano Street, Palanan, Makati

General Building Contractor. Category AA

Acro Construction Contact Numbers:

+632 729-4495, +632 833-9191

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  1. leo cruz says:

    business protection?

  2. Carren says:

    June 5, 2015

    Dear Sir/Madam:


    You are one of the few selected contractor/construction supplier to have a chance to be our exclusive contractor/supplier in all our construction projects mostly condominiums, hotels, resorts and house and lots.
    To qualify, please submit the standard accreditation business papers and letter of intent address to:

    Wilfredo M. Veloso
    Senior Vice-President NCORE/CDMC
    Suite 1407, Executive Lounge, 14th floor
    Paragon Plaza Bldg. Reliance St., Corner
    Edsa, Mandaluyong City

    The building is in front of VRP Medical Center, right beside the landing of Boni footbridge. If you’re going to Roxas Blvd., you can see the sign Aristocrat Lamps on the side of the building. The schedule interview and evaluation is every Tuesday morning 9:00 am -12:00 noon.

    Kindly contact me for reservation of interview slot & parking at the basement reliance St., side, beside 7 eleven store so I can arrange an appointment with Mr. Veloso.

    Carren V. de Domingo

    Preferably, the presence of the executive who have decision making, power and authority to enter into exclusivity contracts will give you an advantage and priority over other interested Contractors/Suppliers.

    Your prompt response to this invitation letter will give you higher priority number.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Carren V. de Domingo
    Investment Specialist

  3. Jeril Benedict – former co-owner of 20,000 head cattle feedlot/farmed 2,000 acres. Served on Bank Board of Directors in Scottsdale & Casa Grande. Certificate of International Trade from US Dept of Commerce. Last 8 years licensed in commercial real estate.
    FOR SALE – 3,600 acres modern drip-irrigated Central
    Arizona farmland.
    FOR SALE – 200+ acres strategic warehousing/logistics
    property at Mexico/US border, Nogales,Az.
    Jeril Benedict
    KW Legacy One/Commercial

  4. Maria zitha says:

    Looking serious contractorsf for my project proposal on June 2014 located in Diesel st. Brgy. Palanan mkt.