98-C, Cennacle Drive, Sanville Subdivision,Project 6, Quezon City

General Engineering Contractor. Category B

A.J. Lava Builders Contact Numbers

+632 951-2820

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13 Responses to A.J. LAVA BUILDERS

  1. alexi says:

    hello sir/ maam,im alexi from Flow Equip Enterprises.We are one of the supplier of fire protection and plumbing,PRICES are NEGOTIABLE for more inquires send us email flowequipent@yahoo.com,or call/text 09359941968

  2. RisneyJandayan says:

    Good day Ma’am/Sir!
    This is Risney Jandayan one of the staff of Recodo Plywood Phenolic Trading.
    we are one of the leading supplier of ProForm Phenolic Plywood and construction materials in the Phil. w/office located at ParaƱaque.

    We deliver free and fast! w/ minimum order of 55pcs.
    We also give FREE FORM OIL for the bulky order!!
    PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE, you won’t find any supplier lower than us!
    For more inquiries please feel free to call or text us :
    Phone # : 09269684992

    Please see the attached file of the prices.(The prices below are can be negotiable with free delivery and free form oil.)

    Thank you!

  3. imelda says:

    Hi there,

    im imelda fr CCP GLOBAL we are selling CHEAP CONTAINERS Van here in MANILA any question you are free to ask me 09275456620 asi.imelda@yahoo.com

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