5th Floor Ermita Building, Arquiza corner Alhambra Streets, Ermita, Manila

General Engineering Contractor. Category AAA

A.M. Oreta & Company Contact Numbers:

+632 526-5781 to 90

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One Response to A.M. ORETA & COMPANY INC.

  1. Sir,
    I am an employee of A.M Oreta in early 70’s and had been paying my SSS and Pag-ibig from the company. I eventually went abroad and worked for the rest of my days. In 2016 I went home to the Philippines and requested refund on my SSS and Pag-ibig eventually the A.M.Oreta contribution was not in there. Kindly check your records regarding this matter. I will be going back on February this year and would like to refund all my contributions including A.M.Oreta’s.

    Juan T. Aspiras III