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  1. MARISSA BELGA says:

    Thank you for allowing Sunshift Electronics and Security Innovation to offer its products and services. You may want to consider Sunshift as your Partner/SUB-CON in the following areas of specialization:

    1. CCTV Security System
    2. Smart Fence Security System
    3. Fire Detection Alarm System (FDAS)
    4. Solar Renewable Energy
    5. UV/R Tint Shield for Window Glass
    6. Structural Cabling

    For further concerns,and info please feel free to contact us in any of the following numbers

    Kind Regards,
    Sunshift Electronics and Security Innovation
    Mobile: 09773398575 / 0955-208-1837 / 0925-674-7888
    Direct Line: (02) 546-4142 kindly look for ms mariz or jane